A New Concept - A Unique Opportunity

The following information is intended to introduce you to a new fast food business concept and the products involved.

Information is subject to change as The Cornish Oven develops the business to better serve its clients and customers.

This offer is extended to anyone interested in securing their future through owning a fast food business. We can provide complete training and guidance as necessary. No previous business experience is necessary. Start your new buisness using our complete manual and recipe. Now available, video CD demonstrating making pasties by hand. This CD is included with the purchase of the operations manual. It will give you an opportunity to see first hand what your product should look like and how easy it is to prepare this fast food product.

Company contact:

The Cornish Oven
C/O Daniel J. Stafford
215 Natalie Lynn Lane
Defuniak Springs, Florida 49935
(850) 307-7936

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#2 - Why this is a great opportunity
#3 - The story of the Cornish Pasty
#4 - Menu Items and Advantages
#5 - The How To's we provide
#6 - Why choose the TCO concept
#7 - Business Operations and Costs

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