The Cornish Oven
A new concept
A unique opportunity

Everyone is aware of the hamburger and pizza franchises, and the successes many of their owners have experienced. Hamburger places and pizza parlors were on corners and in neighborhoods of every town long before these types of franchises were started. This is where "The Cornish Oven Opportunity" is unique. This food is not in every town, yet!

The pasty (pronounced past tee) came to this country over 100 years ago. It is very well known in a small geographical area of the United States. This location is approximately 150 miles north to south and 250 miles east to west. You will find a pasty shop in every town within this territory. In fact, many towns support six to ten pasty shops with populations of approximately 20,000 to 25,000. Even towns of twenty five-hundred people support a pasty shop or two. Why? Because pasties taste good, are reasonably priced, ready to eat, convenient, nutritious, and appeal to all age groups.

When tourists revisit the area, one of their first stops is the local pasty shop to again experience this delectable designer food. The pasty's success has been proven over and over. A person only needs the "know how" to bring this warm hearty meal to the rest of the world.

Given the right tools and training, and possessing the desire to succeed, success can be yours. We believe "The Cornish Oven" concept is an opportunity to enjoy success with a new and burgeoning idea. We will supply the information, guidance, and training. To own a successful business, you must supply the drive, desire and of course the financial investment to start.

The pages that follow will introduce you to more of the story behind the pasty and tell you, in condensed form, how you can have this opportunity too.

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