The Cornish Oven
A new concept - A Unique Opportunity

Menu Items:
  • Traditional pasty
  • Veggie pasty
  • Pizza pasty
  • Taco pasty
  • Breakfast pasty
  • Apple pasty
  • Coleslaw
  • Beverage
The Cornish Oven Pasty#1
Pasties shown with regular crimp sides.
The Cornish Oven Pasty#2
Pasties shown using The Cornish Oven Fold.
Other Opportunities:
Small and Regular size pasties, Luncheon and dinner Specials, half baked and frozen pasties.

Suggested selling price reflective of your market area.


  • Low start up and operating costs
  • Personal training and support
  • Simple menu
  • Minimal staff required
  • Low overhead
  • Excellent profitability, yet affordable to mass market
  • Low maintenance equipment
  • Fewer hours of operation than other fast food franchises
  • No deliveries of product required
  • Potential food product sales to schools and businesses

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#3 - The story of the Cornish Pasty
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