The Cornish Oven
A new concept - A Unique Opportunity

The How To's - we can provide:

Secure equipment and approximate cost
Decide on type of services to offer
Design different floor plans
Promote through History of the pasty
Provide set up menu items and meal offerings

Cheese selections, purchase, and preparation
Ham selection and preparation
Cole Slaw preparation and our recipe for dressing
Meat Product selection and preparations
Vegetable selections and preparations
Our secret seasoning mix
Our secret pizza sausage recipe
Our secret prep. recipe for ea. of our pasties

Product assembly procedure

Important paper work/forms
Sales Report
Petty cash control
Scheduling Labor and controlling costs
Payroll and personnel
General in store employment forms
Your company policy setup
Department of Labor policy
Reporting accidents or injuries
Written warning to an employee
Inventory cost control system and procedures
Working with the cash register and reports
Deposit receipts records
Ordering supplies
Preparing the order
Rotation of Stock Inventory
Payment of Supplies
Application for employment
Work schedules
Inventory Check List
Daily Sales Report
Petty Cash Record
Payroll Records
Performance Assessment
Written Reprimand
Incident Report
Advertising Examples
Coupon Examples
Menu Examples

Closing procedures
What to do in a crisis scenario
Safety precautions - what to do after the fact
Our secret Dough preparation
Procedure for using the mixer
Correct water temperature
How to mix the dough
How to handle and cut the dough
Projecting pasty dough needs
Dough rolling or stretching
Roller equipment care
Pasty crust folding procedure and options
Baking Prep. and cooking temperatures
Packaging and product storage prep.

Checking for Spoiled food and safety procedures
Instructions for heating frozen pasties
(customer bulk sales)
Opening procedures for your retail store front
Guidelines for taking an order
(in person and on the phone)
Procedures to motivate staff and goal setting

Maintaining Proper Public Image
Suggested dress and appearance
General personnel rules
Personnel Interviewing - suggested questions
Communication Skills Outline
Employee Evaluation
Termination of an Employee
Customer Service procedures and guidelines
Product Standards
Public Relations
Developing and Advertising Campaign
Places to Advertise
Planning a Grand Opening
Other ways to improve public relations and business
Media Relations Policy

Store Cleanliness and procedures
Cleaning Products and Use
Exterior and Interior
Rest Rooms
Preparation Area
Dining Area
Material safety data sheets

You can have personal training at your location.
Plus, all this information is included in our manual.

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