A basic concept to remember; a franchise or business concept is NOT buying a job that someone else is going to do for you. You are the individual that must do the work and build it to success. If you rely on someone else, than someone else owns the business. If someone else doesn't have a financial investment, will someone else care the same as you? The other thing to think of is your family. If you are hoping your family will go into business with you, make sure everyone has the same thought. Building a successful business is hard demanding work. To achieve success, sacrifices are necessary. What ever you do, do NOT force family members into a business you desire. I speak from experience.

Now that the unpleasant part is out of the way here's the areas The Cornish Oven concept can help. Choosing our concept results in less waste, lower start up costs, no need to hire consultants, research basic business operations, no need to experiment, and quicker start up time than if you were on your own. The Cornish Oven concept was designed to maximize the positives of the food business and minimize the less desirable areas of the fast food business. Below is an outline of some reasons to consider The Cornish Oven concept.

  1. Proven designer food menu and time tested food products
  2. Information you need to make a career change to a pasty shop owner
  3. Help in securing food suppliers for the best possible price and quality control
  4. List of the equipment and supplies to operate your business
  5. Suggestions on where to acquire equipment and insurance (US only)
  6. Help with store design, colors, and floor plan
  7. Recommended employee dress and appearance code documentation
  8. Operational training on, day to day business, food preparation and management
  9. Step by step procedural help and consultation from start up to operation
  10. Consultation in choosing an appropriate business site
  11. Complete operations manual
  12. Sample template to test your operation
  13. Recognition in advertising your business as a national fast food concept
  14. Continuing available consultation to help in building your business
To order your operationsal manual and video to start your very own store
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#2 - Why this is a great opportunity
#3 - The story of the Cornish Pasty
#4 - Menu Items and Advantages
#5 - The How To's we provide
@#6 - Why choose the TCO concept
#7 - Business Operations and Costs

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