The Cornish Oven
A new concept - A Unique Opportunity

Business Operations:
Delivery is not required although large order deliveries to schools and businesses can be offered as a special service to increase sales and awareness.

Minimal staff is required. Two to four people during production time is average staffing requirements. After baking is completed for the day, one person is normally sufficient to finish the day. If your business is in a high traffic area you may need more staff.

The Cornish Oven pasty is a unique fast food concept offering a great tasting, healthy alternative, in which you can provide a filling to satisfy any taste. Pasties are freshly baked, can be hand-held or served on a plate, which allow consumption as either a sit down food, or on the run, or catered. Stores can range in size from (300 - 1000 sq. ft.) and located in either in-line strip centers, malls, or other non traditional locations, with or without drive thru option. Beverage choices can include wholesome milk to brand name soda pop in convenient cans or served from a dispenser. Side dishes can include cole slaw or salads. Pasties are loved by all ages of individuals. The cost of establishing a pasty store is very economical. With no franchise or royalty fees, restrictions or limitations, you are free to build your business your way. We will provide all the help and information you need to get up and running and we can provide support after start up, if you choose.

The recommended working hours are approximately eighty four per week. Example hours are 7 AM to 7 PM. However, some stores close one day a week. (Preparation should start 1 - 2 hours before opening for business to fill the store with the aroma of fresh baked pasties.)

The minimum suggested open business hours per week are sixty three. However, this does not include business hours for breakfast should you offer the breakfast pasty. Typical hours would be 10 AM to 7 PM. (Most franchises require hours of 100 to 120 hours per week minimum.)

Equipment costs will vary depending on whether equipment is purchased new, used or is leased, and volume of business. Estimated costs are $25,000 - $50,000.

Store fronts are usually rented and remodeled to fit your business. Cost of remodeling depends on local contractors and what you can contribute for labor. Some landlords will defer rent charges to off-set construction requirements. Estimated costs range from $5,000 - $55,000.00 depending on your store design and capacity.

Inventory is approximate and depends on store size and projected volume. Costs of food and paper products should range from $2,500 - $7,500.

Outdoor signs will depend on location, lease and local restrictions.

Royalty Fees - none
Franchise Fee - none
Estimated start-up costs - $35,000 - $150,000
Initial Training Fee - Optional - You may hire us as consultants to help you in all aspects of establishing your very own pasty store. The cost would be based on time and expenses, which varies from one location to another. Normal expenses include items such as travel, food, and lodging, plus a per diem.
Complete Manual and Recipe - All you need to start is our operations manual and recipe by quantity. The cost of this is only $2,000. This includes video CD, demonstrating initial training process, the operations training manual and formulas.

The first step is to sign a simple one page agreement that states you agree not to use our name, "The Cornish Oven", or any form of the name, you will not disclose, copy, re-market, or redistribute our propriety information is any fashion. The form must be signed and notarized. Once we receive it and your payment in certified funds, your package will be readied for shipping. We will contact you with the shipping information and follow-up. Be assured that we remain committed to assisting you.

Our address:
The Cornish Oven
C/O Daniel J. Stafford
215 Natalie Lynn Lane
Defunaik Springs, FL. 32435

Please include your mailing address, full name, phone number, and email address.

No use (or license) in any part will be granted to use the name or logo of
"The Cornish Oven". Your business should register it's own identifiable name and develop a logo if desired.

A very affordable and rewarding opportunity that rquires no previous food or business experience. If you are willing to contribute the time and effort, "The Cornish Oven" concept will provide guidance and support to help you build your own successful business.

All Rights reserved

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